In our darkest times we hope for a PAW to shine some light and carry us to a safe space…

…A Place where we can all find happiness and enjoyment from our puppy side!

When one is lonely… We and all of the puppy community are here to help and guide you.

Our beautiful puppy community in the UK is consisted of pups with various ethnic, cultural, social and sexual background;

That’s why we all need put our armour up, so everyone will know how strong we are together.

Social Anxiety, Insecurities and Accessibility concerns, should never pose as barriers for our puppy brothers, sisters and siblings…

And off course lets not forget those amazing Handlers that are out there and give us amazing Scritches, belly rubs and sweet treats!


We are One Big Family, One Big Community, One Big Pack 

We are the Pups Of The United Kingdom


Puppies and Handlers out there, do not be afraid to spread your wings and fly!

Have no fear, because the power lies inside you!

All you need is the tools and support to get through this!

And Just remember …

We are one bark away if you need help…

…a group of floppy ears to bark at for a while

…one request box away in our online platform

…one hug away in the social puppy events around the UK

Our Puppy Ambassadors will be there to provide you guidance, support, advice and/or help when you feel overwhelmed.


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