Shout Out To All The Anxious Puppies

Are you getting over worried of feeling silly during play ?

Do you feel like having a pet-play kink is kinda weird and wish not to open up to your partners in regards to your interests ?

Are you afraid of making puppy sounds and barking?

Are you holding back because you feel embarrassed?

Maybe you feel intimidated by gear and play social gatherings ?

Or you may be having a hard time getting into pup-space and staying there?

Does it feel like you are getting into pup space during inconvenient times ?

Is it giving you a feeling that you might be ‘too much’ ?

Probably you need to remember that……

You are a goooood boy! You are precious, adorable and loved!

Don’t be afraid…Take as much time as you like! Test the waters! Everything will be just fine!

You are unique….Because every puppy is different and sometimes, each individual might need a little extra training….Some extra fuss and love!

Don’t be afraid…Do not depressed… Express yourself!

Remember as long as you are having fun you are doing it Right!!