Please note we are currently trialling this in the UK, and only sending paws to UK addresses at this time. We need to test the water before setting this up abroad, but we have every intention to do so.

Our paw keyring is free to anyone who wants one. Please be considerate to those who need these tags. These are not a fashion accessory, and there is not an unlimited amount. Only order one if you genuinely need one. Thank you.

Paws are available in a few ways:

Get one at a participating PAH event

We’re trialling the project at PAH events, so this list is quite small. The first trial is in January 2020.

View the list of PAH groups

Order directly from us

We provide the keyrings for free, but you will need to pay shipping costs.

Order one for free on the following websites

If you’re already registered, it could be quicker.

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