A Paw For Paws is a not-for-profit society.

While we do have some financial backing from private companies, donations help us help others. There’s no obligation to donate, but you’re awesome if you do!

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Where your money goes


We send a lot of these out. In the first month we distributed 500 keyrings.
We will be sending them out to PAH groups and retail stores, so we need many more!

Posters and other printed information

Each event needs printed stuff so that pups/pets can quickly see what A Paw For Paws is about and what the purpose of each paw keyring is.


With enough donations we can start proving postage for the keyrings free again.
We will also be shipping boxes of keyrings to PAH groups and stores who are willing to keep a small cache of them for pups/pets to pick up.


Good doggos follow us

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