About A Paw For Paws

Mission Statement

To help socially anxious human pups and pets to get valued enjoyment and participation from social pet play groups and similar events.

What the paw keyring is for

The aim of these free keyrings/tags is for them to act as a beacon for the stressed, anxious, insecure and worried pups and handlers in our community.
They will be posted free of charge and there will be an option of discreet collection for those who would rather not have one posted to their house.
They will be readily available for any pups and handler that feels happy to wear them and for every individual who wants to show their support towards our fellow brothers, sisters and siblings within our initiative.
Information will be put out explaining what the tag means and how you can easily help, even if you don’t wear one.
We are one community, one pack. We can all put our differences and egos to the side, so that we can offer help to those in need. After all that’s what families do.

Who we are

We are a small group, some of whom suffer from social anxiety, and all of whom want to help those who find social situations difficult.