Tips for Coping With Social Anxiety and When to Seek Help

Tips For You to cope with Anxiety

Understand your anxiety, by attempting to keep a diary of what you are doing and how you feel different at times, in order to attempt on identifying what affecting you .

Challenge your anxious and unhelpful thoughts

Make time for your worries. Attempt on setting up a specific ‘worry time’ withing your everyday activities where you can go through your concerns on a regular basis. This can help you focus on your other important activities of your day

Shift your focus by attempting to find relaxation and mindfulness through certain other activities such as yoga course, gym classes, or even running and cycling outside on your own as a means to help give yourself this venting period it requires.

Attempt to face the things you want to avoid. The problem lies in the fact that these can make our anxiety keep going. By slowly building up time in social situations that make you worry, you will notice that your anxious feelings with start to gradually reduce and you will eventually come to understand that these social situations you was worried of are okay.

Get to grips with your problem, because when you are attempting to use a problem solving technique , you will at some point be able to identify certain causes that trigger it and you might be able to find solutions towards making these challenges you are facing more manageable.

And Don’t Forget!

Always try to seek advice and help from your closest social support circle. You can ask a family member you are feeling comfortable with to discuss with you and provide you with some advice that might be useful . Don’t be afraid to speak to your closest friends you trust. If you feel happy try and speak to others , you will see that friends and family can often be your first point of call towards helping you when you are feeling unwell or over stressed and anxious.

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